We are ALWAYS, ALWAYS fair because we know how stretched money is these days. And since we are such a small business, we hand-deliver each package to the post office personally. The price of shipping and handling should be listed in your cart once you put the items you want in there. If you don't want the item(s) afterwords, all you have to do is cancel it.

Like we said, we're fair. Once we send your package in the mail and if the shipping is less than what we listed, we refund the extra shipping charges back to you. But the shipping price also includes the price of the packaging we use and the gas we burn to deliver, so don't assume that we're trying to steal your money.

Also, there are shipping costs on EACH item! It does not calculate the correct price for you, they are set prices. So if you decide to get more than one item and the shipping seems unnecessarily large, we'd like you to know that we WILL refund the extra charges and if you feel there is a problem, all you need to do is e-mail us at the address at the bottom of this page.

Also, we only ship inside of the U.S. Sorry!


Unlike most companys, if you decide after purchasing something on our site that you would like to cancel the transaction, we will completely allow it. All you have to do is e-mail us on our website below. But you must do so before we send the item(s) out. If we've already sent the item(s) in the mail, it is too late to refund your purchase. We send our items usually next day after purchase.

Since most of our items are handmade, we're sorry to say that we do not accept returns otherwise. After the item(s) are sent out, there is nothing we can do. But we're hoping that you'd rather not return anything at all! If you feel there is a problem with a product and that you should be refunded your money, please, e-mail us at the below address.